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Door to Door


Door To Door Distribution

Using Door Hangers, Flyers Etc.

In The San Francisco Bay Area

One alternative to direct mail, and there are many, is to use door hangers in a target neighborhood. You can saturate a residential market by "farming" that particular market. This is a technique popular with real estate agents when they seek more sales in one neighborhood after they've actually had some success with selling or renting a neighbor's house.

The advantage to door hangers is that you can saturate a market without actually talking to any of the prospects. Not that you necessarily wouldn't want to talk to them, but only because it's become increasingly hard to catch people at home, and the "do not call list" has made it impossible to prospect by telephone. Everyone just wants to be left alone. They're only interested in talking to others that they call friends, and family. By hanging something on the door, you can gain access to yout target market without actually bothering your prospects.

Usually the best types of products and services to market this way are those products and services that can be used at home because that's where they're going to read your message. Real estate agents, contractors and other home service providers are some of the businesses that use this method. However, that doesn't mean other types of products and services can't be marketed this way also.

The key is to determine what works for your business and that, of course, requires test marketing.

Routes and Rates:

We cover many of the cities in the Greater Bay Area. San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley just to name a few. The rates are determined by the type and size of the piece as well as the quantity. Please call and we will be happy to tailor a distribution to fit your needs and budget.

Call: 510-464-3033

Free Advertising For  One Year

Have us Distribute at least 3,000 pieces for you and you'll be rewarded with 1 year of free advertising in one of our online city business directories, a $497 value.

Call Today: 510-464-3033


Hand To Hand Distribution Using Postcards,

Flyers, etc.. In The San Francisco Bay Area.

Another alternative to direct mail, and there are many, is the hand to hand distribution of flyers in a target neighborhood, target business district, target business or even a target event. This method can be used by most businesses to contact potential customers.

Let's say you're promoting a yoga or meditation class a distribution in your neighborhood will be a good idea or maybe a distribution at the nearby farmers market.

If you have a restaurant and sales are slow on particular days how about a hand to hand distribution in a particular neighborhood the day before or whenever you think would make sense for you. A vegan restaurant may want to do a distribution at the nearby farmers market.

A theater may use a hand to hand distribution to ramp up slow ticket sales or announce a new show. How about a hand to hand promotion using a postcard with a sticker offering a buy one ticket get one free offer? Or just plain 25% discount when presenting this postcard.

The key here is your message goes right into a potential customers' hands. Why not give it a try?

Cities Covered!

We do this mainly in the cities of Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco. Depending on availability we may be able to accommodate other cities.

 Call now for a Free  consultation.


Contact Information

Special Interest Marketing & Advertising

610 16th Street #76

Oakland, CA 94612

Phone: 510.464.3033

Hand To Hand

Another way to get your offers immediately in the hands of potential customers is by doing a hand to hand distribution. You have the opportunity to decide on a target location. It can be at a specific intersection or a public event such as the farmer's market. This type of distribution can be used to target a particular audience...someone who frequents the farmer's market is more likely to be interested in green products and services. It can be used to ramp up slow ticket sales or slow business days at a restaurant. Just use your imagination and together we can come up with a campaign to satisfy your needs.

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